Bioinfo Publications
Bioinfo press publishes conference proceedings, scientific journals. These examine important topics in life sciences, medical, engineering, computer science and management. Manuscripts for books and for journal publication are invited from scientist’s world wide.
Bioinfo press publish well academic and research journals covering a broad range of subject areas.

Our mission
Bioinfo Publications aim scientific journals online publication, printing and objective of advancing learning, knowledge and research worldwide. This mission is realized through our commitment to research, innovation and enterprise, placing us at the cutting-edge of delivery in a world that looks increasingly to content and access to books and journals.

Providing quality and value
An integral part of our scholarly mission is to publish journals of the highest quality, which is demonstrated by their rankings. Our journals are great value as well as high quality. Study of leading publishers reveals that in Bioinfo press Journals had the lowest price per page and the lowest price per point of quality and value.

Our global view
Bioinfo Publications, sharing knowledge is not just for the privileged few. We offer free or greatly reduced access to many of our journals in the world’s poorest countries. So far many educational institutions have benefited from our developing countries initiatives.