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OPEN ACCESS PUBLICATION: [*Optional - Author can choice with OA charges ]
Accepted articles can be published online for free open access in full text PDF and HTML format. Published articles are available permanently in full text, which can easily download and print. Open access publishing provides the maximum dissemination of the article to the worldwide research audience. In addition, authors who publish in our open access journals retain the copyright of their work enabling the unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction of an article in any medium, provided that the original work is properly cited.
Authors must pay for this open access services. All corresponding authors will be asked to indicate whether or not they wish to pay to have their paper made freely available as open access on publication. If authors do not select the Open Access option, then their article will be published with standard subscription-based access with minimum Article Processing Charges (APC).
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OPEN ACCESS PUBLICATION CHARGES : *Revised publication charges effective from 01 Dec 2014*
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Category: *OA Publication Charges
*Authors from India : : $ 75 = 4625 INR
Low-income economies (91): 345 USD
Middle-income economies (54): 345 USD
High-income economies (70): 345 USD

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Bioinfo Publications charge a standard subscription price applicable to all journals. All subscription charges mentioned below are inclusive of delivery charges.

Price for single copy: 150 $ (U.S. DOLLAR)
Price for a complete volume: 550 $ USD (4 issues/volume)
Number of issues: 4 issues/year
Number of copies: 1 copy for each issue
Print & Online Yearly : 1000 $ USD (4 issues/volume)
Print Yearly : 550 $ USD (4 issues/volume)
Online Yearly : 550 $ USD (4 issues/volume)

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Payment can be made by 'PayPal', 'CCAvenue Online Payment Gateway', Bank (Wire) Transfer, International Money Transfer, Telephonic Transfer, ACH, Smart Wire, Wire Transfer, FCC/DDs, Easy Transfer (Online transfer), Cheque, Debit or Credit Card (Mastercard, Eurocard, Visa or American Express).

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Payment instruction:
1. All payment should be made payable in favor of- 'BIOINFO PUBLICATION'
2. Cancellations: no refunds will be made after the manuscript / pdf / reprints / first issue of the journal for the year has been published. No Refunds of any payment [if payment was already made], after cancellation or withdraw of article from publication process.
3. Convey details- if official delay of payment process
4. Kindly apprise us the details of your remittance if you have made any.
5. Author should take care of plagiarism and strictly avoided

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